Quant Systems for Equity Traders

Explore shorter-term quant-based swing trading strategies for equity portfolios. Quant4you offers three different Quant Swing Trading Systems for active Traders with four different equity universes

MOUNT Portfolios

MOUNT features an offensive trading profile, aiming to significantly outperform the benchmark index at nearly the same risk level. Please refer to the relative risk/relative return profile. It is widely adopted by active DIY investors. The MOUNT Quant operates within four stock universes:

ARROW Portfolios

ARROW has a more conservative trading profile, serving as an all-round investment algorithm for numerous traders. Employed for active portfolio management, it is also widely embraced by trading beginners seeking a stable strategy without frequent adjustments. ARROW is available with the following stock universes:

SOLID Portfolios

SOLID has a more defensive trading profile, aiming to minimize drawdown while still achieving attractive returns. In comparison to ARROW and MOUNT, its equity curves are significantly smoother with much less volatility. It is favored by many defensively-oriented investors and is particularly effective in volatile market phases. SOLID is available with the following stock portfolios:

Quant Systems for Equity Investors

You are a longer-term investors and you seek a quant system that supports you with your investment decisions. BAND is designed to support you with ready to trade investment signals for various equity portfolios

BAND Portfolios

BAND is a more offensive Quant system with an investing-style approach rather than a trading-style approach, as seen in MOUNT or ARROW. Widely embraced by investors, BAND holds positions for much longer periods, eliminating the need for active trading. The intelligent BAND system effectively manages entries and exits. It comes with the following stock portfolios:

PROTON - the Quant Equity Index Trader

Index Trading with Futures or Options or CFDs etc. is one of the most thought after trading disciplines. The PROTON System is designed to trade Equity Indices. Find out more about Proton.


PROTON is our Quant Strategy designed exclusively for trading stock indices such as the DAX Index or the NASDAQ 100 Index. This operates as a short-term swing trading system, showcasing excellent entry and exit signals. PROTON has a proven track record on real-money accounts.

More Information:

Quant Tools for Self-Traders

MOUNT, SOLID, BAND or PROTON are complete turn-key Quant-driven Trading Systems with integrated Money and Risk Management. The STOCK MANAGER PRO is designed for investors and traders who want more degrees of freedom in their own trading. It is therefore categorized as a Quant Tools and not as a Quant System.


If you are a self-trader seeking stand-alone single stock trading signals from the top 1000 stocks worldwide, the AI-based STOCK MANAGER PRO is the right tool for you. It provides eight different trading signals per stock, aiding you in navigating through the stock market. This Quant Tool gives you signals, but the actual trading is your responsibility.


Quant System + Stock Universe = Quant Portfolio

For example: the MOUNT US Tech 100 Portfolio is the MOUNT Quant system which trades 100 stocks listed in the NASDAQ 100 (=US Tech 100)

You want to systematically manage your stock portfolio. Choose a Quant Portfolio and replicate the trading information in your own brokerage account. Currently, we offer four distinct Quant Methods that vary in terms of risk/return profile. Each Quant has been given a specific name:

  • MOUNT (offensive quant-based stock trading)
  • ARROW (balanced quant-based stock trading)
  • SOLID (defensive quant-based stock trading)
  • BAND (offensive quant-based stock investing)

Quants are mathematical models that analyze stocks and generate buy and sell signals.

All Quants are applied to four different stock universe presently. These are the

  • US 100 (S&P 100),
  • US Tech 100 (NASDAQ 100),
  • Germany 40 (DAX stocks) and
  • Germany 100 (HDAX stocks).

You can find an overview of the traded stock portfolio here.

Performance Table for Equity Portfolios

Overview of all relevant performance indicators of each Quant Portfolio. Take the arrows to sort the columns.

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MOUNT Germany 40

The MOUNT Germany 40 Portfolio applies the MOUNT system to the top 40 stocks in Germany (=all stocks in the DAX®) with a maximum of 5 positions simultaneously. MOUNT is an aggressive portfolio strategy with above-average returns and attractive risk-return ratios. MOUNT portfolios are highly popular in the do-it-yourself investor community and are frequently utilized by traders who focus on returns and are willing to accept a certain level of volatility.

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Quant Portfolio:
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Risk vs. Return Profile

Quantmade Portfolios consistently outperform benchmarks in terms of risk vs. return.

As an active investor seeking a balanced risk-return profile, Quantmade provides Quant Portfolios that offer lower risk and superior performance compared to benchmark investments. You have the flexibility to choose the risk-return profile you prefer by subscribing to different quant portfolios.

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*Data for risk and return are calculated from daily performance data since 2004

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