Stock Manager Pro

Never miss a trading setup (long or short)

The Quant-based Stock Manager Pro is a premium stock scanner and investing assistent for daily use

Quant-Colored Stock Charts

Stock Manager Pro checks over 600 stocks from around the world every day, using colors to show how each stock is doing. Think of it like a traffic light:

  • Red Phase means the stock’s not doing well. It might be best to stay away.
  • Yellow Phase means the stock is okay but not great. It’s time to watch it closely or maybe buy a little.
  • Light Blue Phase means the stock is doing well. It’s a good idea to invest.
  • Dark Blue Phase means the stock is still doing well, but be careful, it might not last.

Why is this helpful?

  1. Quick Understanding:
    You can quickly see what the quant thinks about a stock.
  2. Compare Easily:
    You can use this alongside other stock checks you do.
  3. Make Smart Choices:
    If you own stock in these companies, this tool helps you decide if you need to make any changes without worrying too much.

Stock Manager Pro uses a sophisticated quantitative analysis system to evaluate the performance and potential of each stock. This system analyzes various market data, trends, and financial indicators to assess the current phase of a stock. Based on this analysis, the system assigns a color code: red for bearish phases, yellow for bearish-consolidation, light blue for bullish phases, and dark blue for bullish-consolidation phases. This color-coding simplifies the interpretation of complex data, making it accessible for investors at all levels.

Absolutely! Stock Manager Pro is designed to complement your investment toolkit. Its color-coded analysis provides a unique perspective on stock performance that can be used alongside fundamental or technical analysis, among other strategies. By comparing the insights from Stock Manager Pro with other data, you can make more informed and rounded investment decisions. It’s always beneficial to consider multiple viewpoints and analyses before making investment choices.

The analysis on Stock Manager Pro is updated daily. This ensures that investors have access to the most current and relevant information regarding the stocks they are interested in or already hold. The frequent updates are crucial for keeping pace with the fast-moving stock market, enabling users to make timely and informed decisions based on the latest data.