📅 05.12.2023
⏲ 17.30h-19h CET

📅 12.12.2023
⏲ 18h-19.30h CET

What is the difference between the Quant Portfolios on Quant4you?

MOUNT, SOLID, ARROW or BAND? Quant4you provides many different systems that investors can use for private wealth management. But what is the difference between the systems and what are the special features of the quant portfolios? This webinar gives you an in-depth look at the different quant portfolios. Of course, questions will also be answered after the webinar.

📅 19.10.2023
⏲ 18-19h CET

The SOLID Portfolios in focus - Everything you need to know!

SOLID ist an equity trading algorithm with a defensive, low-volatile approach. The focus is on minimizing risks and reduced volatility. The relative risk is significantly lower for all SOLID managed equity portfolios. This is also represented in the low beta of all the SOLID portfolios. In this webinar, we have a deeper look at how these SOLID algorithms work and how private traders can profit from this solution.

📅 25.10.2023
⏲ 18-19h CET

Quants & Markets: Month-end approaching

As month end is approaching, we look at the performance and developments in the markets and review the development and activities in the different Quant Portfolios. We discuss individual trades and setups that have happend. Further, we talk about possible scenarios for the next month. This webinar gives you guidance and orientation what happens in stock markets.